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2nd Tour Exhibition in Johor 2022

Tour Exhibition in Johor

Sept 2022

The SPM Members National Tour Photography Exhibition in Johor Station was a joint effort between the SPM Members and Southern University College from Johor. This collaboration allowed for a wider reach and greater impact, as the exhibition was able to tap into the resources and expertise of both organizations.

The exhibition was filled with stunning photographs capturing various themes and subjects such as nature, architecture, street life, and more. The exhibition was a testament to the diversity and creativity of Malaysian photographers, and the Johor Station stop was no exception.

The Wider Community

The wider community also benefited from the exhibition, as it helped to promote the arts and raise awareness about the importance of preserving and protecting the environment. Many of the photographs exhibited focused on nature and wildlife, highlighting the need for conservation efforts. The exhibition also provided an opportunity for people from different walks of life to come together and appreciate the beauty of photography.

-The Director Dato’ Vincent Tan of SUC

Appreciate and Learn

The exhibition offered a chance to appreciate and learn from the beauty of photography. The exhibition showcased a diverse range of photography genres and styles, providing something for everyone. Additionally, the photography sharing sessions allowed the audience to gain insights into the world of photography from experienced photographers, which was both informative and inspiring.

-President Ho Lee Ngiew of SPM

An Exhibition Platform

The exhibition provided a platform for them to showcase their work to a wider audience. This exposure allowed them to gain recognition, build their reputation, and potentially open up new opportunities for their photography career. The exhibition also provided a valuable learning experience, as they were able to receive feedback and critique from peers and experts in the field.

-Head of Tan Sri Dato’ JC Chang Museum & Art Gallery Mr. Tan Chai Puan of SUC

Promote Arts and Environmental

The Exhibition brought many benefits to the participating photographers, the audience, and the wider community. It provided a platform for photographers to showcase their work, allowed the audience to appreciate and learn from photography, and promoted the arts and environmental conservation.

-Director Exhibition Khong Miaw Leong of SPM

Event Photo

Event Photo