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《模特摄影活动 Model Photoshoot Session》



SPM National Member Tour Exhibition initiated by the SPM will be continued the tour exhibition to another state in Pahang Kuantan for 3 days from 25/08/23 to 27/08/23. In order to enrich the content of the exhibition, our Society is organised a model photoshoot session during the open day (27/08/23). This model shooting sessions is open to public & all photography enthusiasts are welcome to participate.

Those photographers who are interested please register in advance, and the reservations is based on first-come, first-served basis.

Date 日期 :25/08/2023
Time 时间 :8:00am -11:00am
Venue 地点 :彭亨佛教会 Pahang Buddhist Association
Deadline for registration: 报名截止日期:20/08/23
Photoshoot Venue: 拍摄地点: 彭亨佛教会 The Garden in Pahang Buddhist Association