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SPM Members National Tour Photography Exhibition 2022

Photography Tour Exhibition

The Society of Photographers-Malaysia (SPM) is a community of photographers who come together to share their passion for photography and improve their craft. The SPM organizes various events and exhibitions throughout the year to showcase the work of its members and promote the art of photography.

-President Ho Lee Ngiew of SPM

Explore with Themes and Styles

Fine art photographers, on the other hand, use their cameras as a means of personal expression, sharing their unique vision of the world with their audience. By creating beautiful and thought-provoking images, they can evoke emotions and challenge perceptions, encouraging viewers to see the world in a different way.

-Exhibition Director Khong ML of SPM

Explore the World Through the Lens

The SPM Photography Tour is a unique exhibition that showcases the beauty and diversity of our world through the lens of talented photographers from around the globe. This event is an invitation to explore different cultures, landscapes, and perspectives through stunning visual narratives that capture the essence of the human experience.

The Passion

Whether through photojournalism or fine art photography, sharing is a powerful way to create connections and promote understanding. It allows us to see the world through the eyes of others, expanding our horizons and fostering empathy and compassion.


The photographers and model work together to create visually compelling images that showcase the model’s beauty and character while capturing the essence of the event.


An event sharing talk is a type of presentation or speech that takes place at an event, such as a conference or workshop, where individuals share their experiences, insights, and ideas with the audience. It is an opportunity for speakers to engage with the audience, provide valuable information, and create a forum for discussion and learning.