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Distinction Awards

The SPM Distinction Awards are the prestigious honours in photography presented to members who have shown exceptional skill, dedication and creativity in their photographic works. These awards are the recognition of the recipient’s excellence achievements and contributions in the field of photography.

The ASPM (Associateship, Society of Photographers – MALAYSIA) award is presented to member who has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, creativity and technical skills in photography.

This year, we are proud to announce that our members, Mr. Lim Chee Sun, Steven, Ms. Leong Choon Yen, Joyce, Mr. Chang Eng Chen, Wilson and Mr. Lo Kong San, Peter were awarded ASPM in 2022 for their stunning photography achievements.

Similarly, the FSPM (Fellowship, Society of photographers – MALAYSIA) award is presented to members who have shown outstanding skills and excellence creativity and dedication in photography profession.

This year, we are delighted to announce four (4) of our members, namely, Mr. Heng Ching Chuan, YBhg. Tan Sri Wong See Wah, Mr. Yim Fook Seng and Mr. Chong Swee Ling were awarded the FSPM in 2022 for their outstanding photography achievements. Their portfolios were the testaments of their ability to capture the essence and characteristics of the subjects which were truly remarkable. We are proud to share the evidence and their abilities, which evoke the emotion, and convey their stories through photography.


To the award achievers. You have demonstrated the high calibre of talent, being outstanding among our members. Indeed, we are honoured to be associated with such dedicated and talented individuals in SPM. Your contribution in photography is greatly appreciated.

SPM encourages and recognizes the achievements of its members. We belief, through the efforts of encouragements and motivations, for the members to pursue their passion and outstanding performance in the art of photography.

Thus, SPM would like to extend the heartfelt CONGRATUTIONS to the award achievers who are well-deserved of their outstanding achievements. Similarly, your achievements shall inspire and encourage SPM members to continue pursuing the highest challenges soon and achieving their goals.

We would like to extend our appreciation, and look forward to the participation of more members in the SPM Awards submissions.